You want impactful content. Above all else, you want the kind of content that connects with readers, engaging them, building authority and trust.

My name is Jamie Dech. And I write web content with impact – content that connects.

I excel at “technical writing for non-technical people.” I am good at explaining technical things to non-technical types in a way that builds authority and trust.

My writing background covers other bases, as well. For example,

Tips for shopping for Saxophone Gear

Comprehensive Guide To Senior Travel

I’m also a certified content marketer with Jon Morrow’s “SmartBlogger.”

Connect With Your Non-Technical Audience.

Do you want to build rapport and authority with artistic people? Do you need content to build authority and trust with artists, musicians and other non-technical types of personalities?

I can help. Let’s talk.

For contact and rates, please visit my profile at….

Thanks. Hope to hear from you to see how I can best help you reach your content marketing goals.